Drinking Game for the 2016 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is the most prestigious award show in the film industry. Celebrities would kill or be killed to get the chance to not only get to go, but to win an Oscar. There are been many controversies surrounding the Academy Awards over the past few years. Claims are varied from “no one even sees the movies that are nominated” to “#OscarsSoWhite” to “someone on the Academy clearly hates Leonardo DiCaprio”. But I am not here to denote whether or not those claims are correct. I, however, am here to provide an entertainment for those brave souls that will choose to sit through the three hours of awkward mic malfunctions, awkward play-off music, and even more awkward outspoken and blatantly drunk celebrities who make fools of themselves on stage.


Here is the unofficial drinking game of the Academy Awards 2016. Take a drink every time:

Leonardo DiCaprio fakes a smile/laugh for another winner


Someone makes a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio never winning an Oscar


Something unbelievably embarrassing happens to Leonard DiCaprio (Like being upstaged by Lady Gaga)


Jennifer Lawrence does something odd on camera


Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are on screen together


Tom Hardy shows his beautiful face on the screen. Every. Time. (Remember two of his films are nominated for best picture)


A celebrity gets another celebrity’s name wrong


A celebrity becomes a meme


A celebrity gets played off with music


A celebrity starts to cry


A celebrity gets offended and tries their hardest not to laugh at an inappropriate joke


Mark Ruffalo steals your soul and makes your heart melt


Chris Rock offends someone


Chris Rock makes fun of someone


Chris Rock mentions #OscarsSoWhite


Chris Rock gets bleeped out


There is a sore loser



If you see the most perfect human on the face of the planet make an appearance.


If you’re not wasted by the end of this game — then you should probably seek medical attention. Hook ’em.

The 30-Day Realization That Spring Break Is Around The Corner

Day 30

It finally hits you when you look at your calendar: SPRING BREAK IS ONE MONTH AWAY! You suddenly have significantly less time to lose your winter break weight than you though. WHO CREATED THIS HORRIBLE SYSTEM?


Day 29

You make a promise to yourself: you are going to eat healthy for the next month. So long to anything delicious and enjoyable, you are going to be the picture of health over the next four weeks.


Day 28

One day into your diet, you realize just how hungry you are so you eat everything in your entire kitchen so you’re just sitting there like “F**k. Now what?” Well, there is always tomorrow to start your diet.


Day 27

You look up all these crazy diet regimens that you heard have worked in the past. You set out to the grocery store and get the healthiest stuff you can find.


Day 26

Ugh, all the healthy food is making your dizzy from lack of fat and sugars. You have to give in and go to Shake Shack. You’ll just start working out really hard tomorrow.


Day 25

The desperation starts to hit that your time is winding down so you do all the mathematical equations of how much you will have to work out and how much you can/cannot eat over the next 25 days to feel your very best.


Day 24

There’s free food at work and you would be economically hurting yourself if you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Your diet can always start the next day.


Day 23

You try on your bathing suit you just ordered and go momentarily blind.


Day 22

Okay, you’re finally going to try that juice cleanse everyone has been raving about.


Day 21


Watch This 5-minute Aerial Documentary of Austin, Texas NOW

If you feel like crying and thanking God you live in the best city in the country, watch this beautifully shot aerial documentary of Austin.

AxA – Austin by Air: An Aerial Documentary from iMaerial on Vimeo.

Shot by AxA (Austin by Air), the shots weave through downtown, South Austin, Zilker Park, Barton Springs, the Capitol, and our beloved 40 Acres.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.51.36 AM

I know. It’s just so beautiful.

UT Alum, Jon Hamm Dramatically Reads Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

If you have lived above a rock over the past few months you have definitely heard the new song by Justin Bieber “Sorry”. The music video was iconic. The beat was catchy. And Justin did what some viewed to be an impossible task: turn everyone on the face of the planet into a Bieleber. This week, Vanity Fair came out with a video showing famous actors, including UT Alum Jon Hamm, dramatically reading the lyrics to the now infamous song. In a strange yet satisfying way, this video may change your life. Check it out!


Here’s Why Kevin Durant Was A Credentialed Photographer for Super Bowl 50

Yesterday, we saw leaked images of our boy Kevin Durant on the sidelines of Super Bowl 50 as a credentialed photographer.

Today, we know why!

He was asked by The Players’ Tribune to document his experience. However, it almost didn’t happen.

According to the article:

Taking pictures at the Super Bowl almost didn’t work out. And it was going to be my bad. Last Thursday, I was rushing to get to the team plane. Two miles away from my house, I had that feeling. I forgot somethingI knew it.

He almost forgot his camera! But, he found it just in time and got some pretty good shots. Make sure to check them out.

Here’s The “Portlandia” Episode About Austin You’ve Been Waiting To Watch

Is this brisket organic? Like Austin organic or Texas organic?

Your favorite hipsters, feminists, and empty nesters of liberal America are coming to Austin! Portlandia debuted its Austin episode last night on IFC.

Portlandia Sneak Peek: Welcome To Austin

Strollers. Not Cool.New Portlandia Thursday at 10P on IFC.

Posted by Portlandia on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

They even made a listicle about how cool Austin is…because we’re the best.

Let us know what you thought if you watched it.