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The 20 People You Meet In Downtown Austin (as told by Leonardo DiCaprio)

#14 The Motivator

The one who will take you to the side of the bar to give you what they think to be the most inspirational pep talk of your life, but will abruptly end the speed with “I don’t know though”, so the responsibility never lies on them beyond that.

#15 The Ass

The one who everyone really hates and when they reach that point in the night where they have had just enough alcohol, you question why you hang out with them at all.

#16 The Weirdo

The one who genuinely just does the most bizarre and socially unacceptable things, but you keep them around because they’re a constant source of entertainment.

#17 The Hottie

The one who might just be the most gorgeous person you have ever seen in your life because of your beer goggles, or they might actually be the one that got away that will continue to be the biggest regret in your life — you can’t help but ask yourself “where have you been all my life?”.

#18 The All-Nighter

The one who refuses to leave downtown until they are literally thrown out and take offense to their friends who even think of attempting to leave before them.

#19 The Person Having the Best Night of Their Life

The one who cannot be brought down by literally anything no matter what life throws at them.

#20 The Matthew McConaughey Lover

I mean, there is always someone who will chat endlessly about the amazing Matthew — this is Austin.


For these representations, we applaud you, Leo. Your range of characters is as diverse as the people who reside in our favorite place.

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