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The Indefinite List Of Things Every Longhorn Should Do In Austin

(Don’t) wear your skinny jeans on the Eastide

The Eastside: where hipsters have gentrified the shit out of a neighborhood and claim it as theirs. It’s actually a nice melting pot of a few cool bars (just ask Bill Murray), great Mexican food, and chic coffee shops for studying. Don’t bring your bro attitude here or a 30-year-old hipster in skinny jeans will call you out.

Buy a pair of boots

If you don’t already own a pair, get them. Boots are the great equalizer of the Longhorn community. You can wear them for football games and for fancy outings…because Texas. Try out Allen’s Boots on SoCo if you don’t want to trek far.

Hike the Green Belt

Get out of Austin without having to get out of Austin…at least it’ll feel that way. The Green Belt has several trails and it’s best not to miss Twin Falls after a good rain.

Take in more than a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse

Rated as one of the best movie theaters in the USA, the Alamo Drafthouse offers way more than your typical movie theater chain. You can drink and eat while you watch the latest blockbuster or indie films. To commemorate Michael Jackson, the Alamo Drafthouse has hosted tribute sing-alongs to honor the King of Pop. There’s also the quote-along: that annoying thing you do when you watch a movie with your friend who hasn’t seen Dumb & Dumber. Seriously the best movie/fun experience in Austin, especially now that they’ve reopened a brand new Drafthouse on Lamar.

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