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The Indefinite List Of Things Every Longhorn Should Do In Austin

Thank the Congress Avenue Bridge bats

Those annoying insects that bite you during the summer. Yeah, bats eat those. So, thank them by going to the Congress Avenue Bridge. They usually emerge about an hour before sunset between the months of March and November. Warning: you might get shat on if you sit in the grass under the bridge.

Join a drum circle at Eeyore’s birthday party

An Austin tradition that started out as an outing with a UT English professor and his class in 1963, Eeyore’s birthday party is a festival (the last weekend of April) that will make you think you’re in another world. Drum circles abound and there’s usually a live donkey roaming around. Clothing is also optional here as well.

Visit the Texas Capitol

Austin may be a blue island in a sea of red, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting the capitol of the best country in the US of A. Texas forever, y’all.

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