Quit Breaking Our Hearts Texas Exes, The Albino Squirrel Is Real

Texas Exes. We love you, but don’t break our hearts. The Albino Squirrel is certainly real.

According to an article written by The Alcalde:

Sorry, Longhorns. There is no albino squirrel at The University of Texas.

Today every UT student knows the legend: catching a rare glimpse of an “albino” squirrel on the way to an exam means you’ll get an A. The squirrel—which is usually referred to with a single mythical ‘he’—is said to roam the East Mall, and we’ve spotted him at the Alumni Center more than once.

While there may be several white squirrels on campus, they aren’t really albinos, says UT biologist David Hillis. “It’s a color variant, not a true albino,” Hillis explains.

How do we know he’s real? Because a Longhorn Humor fan found the lucky squirrel getting lucky himself!

And, he tends to get lucky often…which spreads even more luck to every student on the 40 Acres.

Thank you, Albino Squirrel.