The 20 People You Meet In Downtown Austin (as told by Leonardo DiCaprio)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for his well-deserved performance in “The Revenant”. Fan and audiences alike pined for Leo at this year’s Academy Awards because of his lack of Oscars in the past. Leo has proved time and time again that he is an incredible actor from his first role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” where he played a young boy with learning disabilities, to “Titanic” where he stole all of our hearts, to most recently “The Wolf of Wall Street” where Leo was just not good enough to beat out one of the greatest talents on planet Earth and a symbol for us Austinites — Matthew McConaughey.

Much like Leonardo’s repertoire, there are also a lot of characters we meet on a day to day basis when on 6th street. The good, the bad, and the ugly, here is an homage to Leo’s lifetime achievement of winning the most prestigious award in the film industry by showing all the people you will meet downtown.


#1 The Dancer

The one who you cannot bring around if there is the slightest bit of a chance that Beyonce will come on because they will lose all control and create a dance circle around them.

#2 The Flirt

The one who cannot seem to speak to anyone the entire night without making it blatantly obvious they are sexually attracted to them — you will definitely catch them lingering with the bouncer because they can’t help themselves.

#3 The Crier

The one who has too many emotions trapped inside of them that the slightest drop of alcohol makes it all boil to the surface.

#4 The Talker

The one who is having such an amazing time and feels so connected with everyone they talk to that they can’t seem to shut up — they also will not get social cues that you’re over hearing what they have to say so you have to tell them.

#5 The Creepy Old Guy

The one who probably has a few kids and a family but is trying their hardest not to give into adulthood and attempts to use their adult paychecks to buy college kids drinks.

#6 The Sleeper

The one who has too many shots to keep them awake, but they try their farthest to fight against the fatigue to continue partying.

#7 The Fighter

The one who seems to get upset about everything and is constantly looking for an excuse to fight whoever they come in contact with to establish their masculinity.

Drinking Game for the 2016 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is the most prestigious award show in the film industry. Celebrities would kill or be killed to get the chance to not only get to go, but to win an Oscar. There are been many controversies surrounding the Academy Awards over the past few years. Claims are varied from “no one even sees the movies that are nominated” to “#OscarsSoWhite” to “someone on the Academy clearly hates Leonardo DiCaprio”. But I am not here to denote whether or not those claims are correct. I, however, am here to provide an entertainment for those brave souls that will choose to sit through the three hours of awkward mic malfunctions, awkward play-off music, and even more awkward outspoken and blatantly drunk celebrities who make fools of themselves on stage.


Here is the unofficial drinking game of the Academy Awards 2016. Take a drink every time:

Leonardo DiCaprio fakes a smile/laugh for another winner


Someone makes a joke about Leonardo DiCaprio never winning an Oscar


Something unbelievably embarrassing happens to Leonard DiCaprio (Like being upstaged by Lady Gaga)


Jennifer Lawrence does something odd on camera


Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are on screen together


Tom Hardy shows his beautiful face on the screen. Every. Time. (Remember two of his films are nominated for best picture)


A celebrity gets another celebrity’s name wrong


A celebrity becomes a meme


A celebrity gets played off with music


A celebrity starts to cry


A celebrity gets offended and tries their hardest not to laugh at an inappropriate joke


Mark Ruffalo steals your soul and makes your heart melt


Chris Rock offends someone


Chris Rock makes fun of someone


Chris Rock mentions #OscarsSoWhite


Chris Rock gets bleeped out


There is a sore loser



If you see the most perfect human on the face of the planet make an appearance.


If you’re not wasted by the end of this game — then you should probably seek medical attention. Hook ’em.