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The 30-Day Realization That Spring Break Is Around The Corner

Day 20

Well if the juice cleanse wasn’t an excuse to eat whatever you want, then you don’t know what is.


Day 19

Back to eating healthy and hating every moment of it!


Day 18

After a day of eating healthy, you friends tell you that sweet potato chips are just as bad for you as real chips. And now you have to hide the fact that you ate 17 bags of them because you thought it would count as clean eating.


Day 17

All the stress of eating healthy and working out is finally getting to you. You can barely think coherently. Might as well have a snack or two to get your head on right.


Day 16

Your friends take you to their work out class and you are so underprepared you want to go into the bathroom and cry your sorrows away (into another bag of sweet potato chips).


Day 15

You agree to go on a run with your friend who just finished half a marathon and she suggests you do a quick run which entails over 5 miles.


Day 14

The constant working out makes you so exhausted during the day, you physically cannot stay awake.


Day 13

You try your hardest to resist temptations when it comes to snacks. You really, really try.


Day 12

Your friends start to help you out, making sure you drink less when you go out. (No matter how much it makes you hate them).


Day 11

Your alarm goes off at 6am for your workout, but you figure you’ve been working out hard enough lately. You deserve to sleep in.

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