19 Celebrities Who Bleed Burnt Orange

We’ve already put together our list of Famous Longhorns, but now it’s time to dig deeper into our favorite celebrities who bleed burnt orange…even if they didn’t even go to the 40 Acres! So, while OU has redneck celebrities who sport their ugly “crimson” crap, here’s a run down of A-list celebs who know how to Hook ’em!

1. Beyoncé

Let’s start with Queen B. Bae knows what’s up. She’s all knowing and powerful. Hook ’em!


2.) Justin Bieber

It was during SXSW. I’m sure someone was drunk when this decision was made.

3.) George Straight

We all have that friend who goes to Texas State and bleeds burnt orange…and the King of Country is one of them!


4.) Jessica Simpson

Even though she says some things that an Aggie might say, she still looks cute in burnt orange, tho.


What Jimmy Kimmel Learned While in Austin & Other Shit You May Have Missed During SXSW

SXSW definitely jumped the shark this year, but that’s another post. In the meantime, here’s what you may have missed while you were on Spring Break (if you were crazy enough to leave).

Jimmy Kimmel came to town and toured UT with Guillermo

Which means a lot of celebs threw up the Horns!

And, the Longhorn Band performed with Aloe Blacc

Big Bertha even made an appearance

Snoop Dogg thought Austin was dope

(probably in more ways than one)

The Biebs even performed at Banger’s


And we actually let him shoot some hoops

Oh, and Pi was written in the sky

Here’s hoping your Spring Break was fun.

Welcome back. Hook ’em!

Side note: Please donate to to the victims who were affected by the tragic events on 3/13 during SXSW by visiting http://sxswcares.com.