21 Best Locations For The Perfect Instagram in Austin

There are a million and ten places in Austin to get the best Instagram backdrops ever. We can all pretend like it was accidental or that we are just naturally carefree and adventurous, but most of us have to seek out these prime locations that will really make everyone from our hometowns be like “I wish my school were in Austin”.

Though there are truly countless places on every single corner of this beautiful city that are unique and very Instagrammable, be sure to check out these few places and take the perfect picture to sum up your experience (or, like, did you even go to UT?).

Graffiti is something that really brings out the weirdness in “Keep Austin Weird”. So, we’ve come up with a few great spots with iconic graffiti and mural paintings (and cool locations) where you MUST take an Instagram:

1.) “I Love You So Much” Mural

Location: 1300 S Congress


This is a great spot for you to truly show your love and affection for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, siblings, your pet, or even by yourself if that’s what you’re into. Nothing says I love you so much like a mural that states exactly that right behind your head. There are also mock-ups of this mural pretty much everywhere that say things like “I love tacos so much” (absolutely no arguments there) and “I hate you so much”.


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2.) “You’re My Butter Half” Mural

Location: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

Austin Mural You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

This mural was probably first painted so couples could be cute in front of it, kissing each other or doing whatever couples do, but it is also a great location for you and your best friend to show who the real MVP in your life is. Note: it is also a safe location for you to give a shout out to your newest freshman roommate if you haven’t yet shared them on social media with the world yet.

3.) “Greetings from Austin” Mural

Location: S 1st & Annie

Nothing really says “I live in the best city and love bragging about it” quite like a mural that solely says the name of the amazing city you reside in.

4.) “Texas” Mural

Location: 3700 Guadalupe

Along with the “Austin” mural, if you just have overall pride for your state and its entirety, take a nice stroll over to see the Texas mural that gives a shout out to all the people of the one and only Lone Star State.

5.) “Hi, How Are You?” Mural

Location: 21st & Guadalupe

Austin, Nov 8, 2014

Simple and effective, this mural shows the true friendliness of the city of Austin and its people. It also shows how strange the people of Austin are by having a huge mural of a talking alien frog, but who are we to judge? Thank you, Daniel Johnston. It’s so cool, Kurt Cobain wore it as a t-shirt.