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The 20 People You Meet In Downtown Austin (as told by Leonardo DiCaprio)

#8 The Aggressor

The one who was clearly in a bad mood before they started drinking so the alcohol enhances their feeling of aggression and annoyance and they can’t help themselves but to yell at everyone.

#9 The Runner

The one who doesn’t want to admit how drunk they are, so they have no choice but to run away from their friends who are trying to take them home.

#10 The Gossip

The one who lurks in the corner as all the drama of the night is unfolding so they can talk about it to everyone in the morning.

#11 The Sober One

The one who has a test in the morning so has opted to stay sober for the night — this is a brave person.

#12 The Friend-Maker

The one who makes friends with every single stranger they talk to, then will act for the rest of the night like they’re going to be lifelong friends.

#13 The Spender

The one who just got their paycheck so offers to buy everyone rounds and rounds of shots.

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