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21 Aggies Traditions That Make Absolutely No Sense

9.) The Fightin’ Aggie Band

The Fightin’ Aggie band has been a tradition of A&M since 1894, when they famously performed during A&M’s first football game.


What no Aggie historian will tell you, however, is that A&M lost their first game 0-38–to none other than the tea sipping texas university they obsess over so much. (But, to their credit, they managed to narrowly defeat Ball High School in their second game.)

8.) “Big Event”

Good idea–hooray charity!–but super lame name. Seriously? “Big Event” is the best you could come up with? Very original. UT gave the world Wes Anderson and you give us “Big Event.”


7.) “Tea Sips”

A derogatory term intended for those darn educated lawyers and doctors and book-learnin’ pansies in Austin. *Hack spit*

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