UT Alum, Jon Hamm Dramatically Reads Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

If you have lived above a rock over the past few months you have definitely heard the new song by Justin Bieber “Sorry”. The music video was iconic. The beat was catchy. And Justin did what some viewed to be an impossible task: turn everyone on the face of the planet into a Bieleber. This week, Vanity Fair came out with a video showing famous actors, including UT Alum Jon Hamm, dramatically reading the lyrics to the now infamous song. In a strange yet satisfying way, this video may change your life. Check it out!


The Top 20 Most Famous People Who Went To The University of Texas at Austin

20.) Bill Moyers

For all of you PBS hippie lovers, President Johnson’s former Press Secretary, Bill Moyers, graduated from the University in 1956. He is well known for his work in public broadcasting, where you’ll find him on his weekly show Moyers & Company.

19.) Roger Clemens

Not unknown to controversy, 11-time All-Star, 2-time World Series Champion, and 7-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens helped the Longhorns win the 1983 College World Series. He is the first player to have his baseball uniform retired at UT…’cause Hook ’em!


18.) Felicia Day

Her hair is kinda burnt orange. And, she’s probably every gamer’s fantasy due to her Internet stardom (on top of playing “Vi” on TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She graduated from Texas in 2000, double majoring in mathematics and musical performance. Seriously. That hair.