20 All-Too-Real Reactions You Have As A Graduating Senior

Graduation is but a few weeks away and there is nothing more exhilarating than having to deal with people during the most stressful part of college.

1.) When someone tells you they already have a job post-grad



2.) When anyone asks you to do anything



3.) Watching freshman do pretty much anything



4.) When your advisor tells you 90% of students get a job right out of college



5.) When your parents ask about your graduation information



6.) When anyone younger than you talks about how stressed they are



7.) When you get another rejection from another job



8.) You’re too busy to have a social life



9.) You oversleep and miss an interview



10.) Your parents remind you that your older siblings had their lives together before they graduated


Why Cedar Fever Sucks Almost As Much As OU

It comes around every January to Austin, Texas. If you’re brand new here, you probably don’t know what it is. It usually take 2-3 years before you catch it…and it ain’t fun.

Below is a pic that looks like smoke, but it’s actually Cedar pollen flyin’ through the air in the Green Belt.

It’s called Cedar Fever and yes, it’s that bad.

For one, it’ll turn you into a monster.

Your eyes will tear up so bad in the middle of the day…people will think you were this kid from OU.

It’s so bad, people will think you were high…

Or, think you’ve turned into some sort of zombie…

Or, that you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend…

And yes, it’ll make you feel as if someone just punched you in the face…

And, just kept on punching you all. day. long.

To the point where you won’t even remember your own name…

But, don’t worry. Because it’ll be over soon and you’ll remember one thing.



Brent Musburger Called Himself Kirk Herbsteit Before National Championship Game

Was Kirk supposed to be reading the teleprompter? Or, is Brent just gettin’ old?

Herbstreit’s reaction was priceless.