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Charlie Strong Is Better Than Your Coach At Dabbing

You may have seen another coach wearing crimson trying to woo recruits, but it’s Coach Strong who has the ‘tude to pull it off.

Never forget.

UT-Austin Is Most Valuable Sports Program In The Country

Once again, The University of Texas at Austin is the most valuable sports program in the country raking in $179.6 million in athletic revenue, according to CBS Sports.

OU came in at 5th place…’cause they suck. And, Texas A&M was so far down the list that I really didn’t feel like counting.

To further add to our keys to success, we’re also the most valuable football team in ‘Merica, according to Forbes.

Texas’ team value is up 16% this year to $152 million, and that climb to the stratosphere should hardly be a surprise at this point.

Notre Dame may have beat us on the field, but we beat them in the wallet…’cause that’s what counts, right? RIGHT?! They came in at #2, while Tennessee (seriously?) came in third.

All we do is win.

Hook ’em.

University of Texas at Austin Named Top Public University In Latest Ranking

We’re #1! ranked UT-Austin the top public university in the country.

The ranking is based on academics, value, faculty, diversity (suck it, Abby), student life, amongst other criteria. I mean, who wouldn’t want to come to UT?

Here was our official grade:

UT-Austin Ranking

Texas A&M was 10th (because they suck), OU was 45th (because they super suck), and Texas Tech was 60th (because no ones cares).

Hook ’em!

Texas Fans Sing ‘The Eyes of Texas’ At Wrigley Field

‘Cause we’re Texas and we can do these sort of things, Longhorn fans have taken over Wrigley Field to sing “The Eyes of Texas”.

Hook ’em!

Bill Nye The Science Guy Announces 2015 Fun Fun Fun Fest Schedule

Fun Fun Fun Fest’s 10-year anniversary lineup ain’t nothin’ to fuck with, especially when Bill Nye The Science Guy announces who’s coming to Austin’s Auditorium Shores.

Wu-Tang, Chromeo, Odesza, Chvrches…I mean, don’t fuck with this shit.

Who’s in?

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015 Schedule

BREAKING: Austin City Limits Weekend One Lineup Leaked; Drake/The Weeknd/The Strokes/Foo Fighters On Schedule (UPDATED)

We just got word that the 2015 Austin City Limits Festival lineup for Weekend One (Oct 2-4) leaked earlier than expected. And just as soon as it went up, it went down. Thankfully a few folks on social media got screenshots.

Drake is on the lineup, as well as a host of others including Disclosure, Alabama Shakes, The Strokes, Foo Fighters, and Tame Impala.

Austin City Limits Weekend One Schedule Leaked

A commenter on Andy Langer’s Facebook post got the rest.

ACL Weekend One Lineup Leaked

Weekend 2 also got leaked.

No comment from C3 or Live Nation, the organizers of ACL Fest, at this point.

These El Arroyo Signs Are Damn Hilarious (25 Photos)

El Arroyo is probably one of the best places to go for a margarita and chips & queso. But, it’s even more well-known for their signs they put up daily. We’ve hand-picked our favorites.

1.) Welcome to Austin.

This should replace our population sign as you come into town.


2.) Soy Milk.

I can’t. No puedo.


3.) Unfortunately.

Black Swan should have queso, tho.


4.) Oh, Willie.

We’d buy from you any day.


5.) Lies.

All lies.10974513_790782047672009_971906574943521195_o

6.) Goals.

Always live up to them.


The 2015 Texas Longhorn Footballs Have Arrived!

Prepare yourselves.

And if you’re really hurtin’, you can check out our Horns Countdown!