The 20 People You Meet In Downtown Austin (as told by Leonardo DiCaprio)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar for his well-deserved performance in “The Revenant”. Fan and audiences alike pined for Leo at this year’s Academy Awards because of his lack of Oscars in the past. Leo has proved time and time again that he is an incredible actor from his first role in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” where he played a young boy with learning disabilities, to “Titanic” where he stole all of our hearts, to most recently “The Wolf of Wall Street” where Leo was just not good enough to beat out one of the greatest talents on planet Earth and a symbol for us Austinites — Matthew McConaughey.

Much like Leonardo’s repertoire, there are also a lot of characters we meet on a day to day basis when on 6th street. The good, the bad, and the ugly, here is an homage to Leo’s lifetime achievement of winning the most prestigious award in the film industry by showing all the people you will meet downtown.


#1 The Dancer

The one who you cannot bring around if there is the slightest bit of a chance that Beyonce will come on because they will lose all control and create a dance circle around them.

#2 The Flirt

The one who cannot seem to speak to anyone the entire night without making it blatantly obvious they are sexually attracted to them — you will definitely catch them lingering with the bouncer because they can’t help themselves.

#3 The Crier

The one who has too many emotions trapped inside of them that the slightest drop of alcohol makes it all boil to the surface.

#4 The Talker

The one who is having such an amazing time and feels so connected with everyone they talk to that they can’t seem to shut up — they also will not get social cues that you’re over hearing what they have to say so you have to tell them.

#5 The Creepy Old Guy

The one who probably has a few kids and a family but is trying their hardest not to give into adulthood and attempts to use their adult paychecks to buy college kids drinks.

#6 The Sleeper

The one who has too many shots to keep them awake, but they try their farthest to fight against the fatigue to continue partying.

#7 The Fighter

The one who seems to get upset about everything and is constantly looking for an excuse to fight whoever they come in contact with to establish their masculinity.

The 30-Day Realization That Spring Break Is Around The Corner

Day 30

It finally hits you when you look at your calendar: SPRING BREAK IS ONE MONTH AWAY! You suddenly have significantly less time to lose your winter break weight than you though. WHO CREATED THIS HORRIBLE SYSTEM?


Day 29

You make a promise to yourself: you are going to eat healthy for the next month. So long to anything delicious and enjoyable, you are going to be the picture of health over the next four weeks.


Day 28

One day into your diet, you realize just how hungry you are so you eat everything in your entire kitchen so you’re just sitting there like “F**k. Now what?” Well, there is always tomorrow to start your diet.


Day 27

You look up all these crazy diet regimens that you heard have worked in the past. You set out to the grocery store and get the healthiest stuff you can find.


Day 26

Ugh, all the healthy food is making your dizzy from lack of fat and sugars. You have to give in and go to Shake Shack. You’ll just start working out really hard tomorrow.


Day 25

The desperation starts to hit that your time is winding down so you do all the mathematical equations of how much you will have to work out and how much you can/cannot eat over the next 25 days to feel your very best.


Day 24

There’s free food at work and you would be economically hurting yourself if you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Your diet can always start the next day.


Day 23

You try on your bathing suit you just ordered and go momentarily blind.


Day 22

Okay, you’re finally going to try that juice cleanse everyone has been raving about.


Day 21


Watch This 5-minute Aerial Documentary of Austin, Texas NOW

If you feel like crying and thanking God you live in the best city in the country, watch this beautifully shot aerial documentary of Austin.

AxA – Austin by Air: An Aerial Documentary from iMaerial on Vimeo.

Shot by AxA (Austin by Air), the shots weave through downtown, South Austin, Zilker Park, Barton Springs, the Capitol, and our beloved 40 Acres.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.51.36 AM

I know. It’s just so beautiful.

Someone Hacked A Traffic Sign on 24th & Rio Grande To Say “OU Still Sucks”

Not all hacks are bad, and not all heroes wear capes.

Great job to whoever did this. OU still sucks!

Here’s The “Portlandia” Episode About Austin You’ve Been Waiting To Watch

Is this brisket organic? Like Austin organic or Texas organic?

Your favorite hipsters, feminists, and empty nesters of liberal America are coming to Austin! Portlandia debuted its Austin episode last night on IFC.

Portlandia Sneak Peek: Welcome To Austin

Strollers. Not Cool.New Portlandia Thursday at 10P on IFC.

Posted by Portlandia on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

They even made a listicle about how cool Austin is…because we’re the best.

Let us know what you thought if you watched it.

Stages Every Longhorn Goes Through At Home For The Holidays

Holidays are known for being the happiest time of the year, but if you are a student at the University of Texas, then you know the holidays can be pretty heavy on the heart. Holidays are the time where you have to spend an entire month away from your Longhorn friends and even harder, Austin.

You finish your last final and feel like you’re on top of the world, because you now have an entire month of no homework or studying.

It comes the time to say goodbye to your friends, and it nearly breaks your heart. You physically don’t know how you’re going to handle the separation.

On your way home, you can’t help but get that excited feeling of being home and having all the time in the world to treat yo’ self.

When you get home, the first thing you do is jump in your bed because it is even more comfortable after not being slept in for months.

You feel unbelievably spoiled as your family makes you home cooked meals of all your favorites, and you got your eye on it all.

Finally, you are reunited with your hometown best friends and it seems like no time has passed at all.

You and your hometown friends spend much needed time catching up on all any any drama that has happened over the past three months.

The rare moment arises that a party in your hometown comes up, so when you arrive you make sure to look your absolute best.

At the party, the weird kids from your high school attempt to catch up with you and your fabulous Austin life despite your blatant lack of interest.

Then the inevitable and tragic moment happens: you run into your ex.

When you can tell people are pretty over listening to what an amazing life you have at UT, you give them the benefit of the doubt and attempt to listen to them share their boring stories from their boring colleges.

After a few too many drinks, the unrequited drama of summer seems to rise to the surface, and you can’t help but be glad that you’ll only be stuck here for a month.

The horrible yet inevitable moment arises where you realize you don’t fit in with your hometown anymore because you are far too superior and weird like Austin meant for you to be.

Your parents start reprimanding you for being too hungover/sleeping in too late as if waking up at noon on the weekends isn’t waking up early in college time.

During the actual holidays, you are subjected to spending time with your relatives who take it upon themselves to question you on every facet of your life, expecting excruciatingly specific details.

It gets to the moment during break where you realize you’re better left off only hanging out with yourself until you get to go back to UT.

Then the real hometown boredom hits, and it hits strong.

Looking at your calendar and realizing you only have a few days left of break, you suddenly realize you have accomplished absolutely nothing all break.

But it’s time to go back to the best place on Earth and you can’t contain your excitement. So long, hometown, you’re off to the best city in the world.

Let’s keep Austin weird, shall we?


8 Differences Between Austin City Limits and Fun Fun Fun Fest

Austin’s famous Fun Fun Fun Fest is around the corner. You heard that right: It is three times as fun as your regular Fun Fest. Now for those of you who haven’t heard about FFF Fest or have only heard about it from the hipster kids down the hall from you who are constantly blasting their stereos too loud, FFF Fest is a music festival that takes place at Auditorium Shores in Austin. It is a weekend of crazy music, crazy times, and of course—crazy people. I found myself asking, why is FFF Fest not as publicized or popular as ACL to most of the UT college goers? I had only heard about it from a friend of mine who was studying to be a music producer. Well, I have listed out here the differences between ACL and FFF Fest so you can decide for yourself which is more up your alley.

1) The People


The audiences who attend ACL are varied from frat boys, to children and their families, to former rock and roll lovers, to just about everyone. ACL definitively gives a much more family-friendly vibe (though there are still inappropriate activities that may take place). ACL is the time of the year where UT college kids can frolic in the fields of Zilker Park and get the best possible Instagram post while sneaking alcohol into their shorts for the best weekend of the year.

Music GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

(yes I know this is Coachella)


Don’t even try to bring your stereotypical frat boy or sorority girl selves to this festival, and definitely do not bring your children here. The people who go to FFF Fest are not joking about their music. They are not there to get an Instagram or spend time with their friends; they are there to appreciate the music that they are die-hard fans of. People who go to FFF Fest typically are not afraid to be in the center of a mosh pit and are also the first ones to jump on top of the crowd in an attempt to crowd surf.

Flosstradamus GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


2) The Fashion


ACL is the place for college kids to finally put their Flower-Crown-Pinterest-Board to the test and go full on Coachella-esque style. Girls wear the least possible clothing to fight the heat while also treating the weekend like a fashion show—trying to have the best possible outfit of the entire festival. Boys typically wear whatever outfit their girlfriend picks out for them or no shirt at all because it avoids the whole problem of pit stains entirely. The main fashion goal of ACL is to get weird and stand out.


For the people who go to FFF Fest, the last thing on their mind is what they’re going to wear. For the true, hardcore FFF Festers, clothes are only there for a way to keep warm at nights when the temperature drops. A lot of band t-shirts are worn, a lot of Zumiez and other brands of tank tops are worn. By no means is FFF Fest a fashion show like ACL is. If you try and be weird and stand out, you will literally be weird for standing out. Also, a huge FFF fashion trend is to wear a bandana around your face so the only thing you can see is your eyes—but don’t ask me why. I’ve been too scared to ask.

Fashion GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

3) The Price


If you get early bird tickets to ACL you are an overachiever, but will still have to pay about $250 for the weekend pass. Most people, like myself, are not so ahead of the game so the cost for tickets goes up to $300-350. The tricky thing about ACL is that it always sells out, which means the demand for tickets increases, which THEN means that Craiglist sellers can charge you an arm and a leg and your first born child for the wristbands.

Tv GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Since the people who go to FFF are there strictly for the music, there are no games being played by the ticket sellers. Tickets are $75 a day or $175 for the entire weekend. Kind of makes you regret giving your first-born child for that ACL ticket, huh? It gives you plenty of money to spend on other things at the festival like merchandise, food, and of course alcohol.

Birthday GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

4) The Size


This year at ACL approximately 450,000 people attended the festival spread over the course of two weekends. Though there are not 450,000 people at the festival at one time, it definitely can feel like it at times. Especially when it comes to more popular bands, the crowds can be overwhelming because everyone and their mothers attend the festival.

Music GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Last year around 65,000 people attended the festival. FFF is known for being significantly smaller and more intimate than other festivals. The people who attend the festival are there for the music and don’t have time to be bothered with the randoms who will show up to other festivals for a social event. FFF provides a better chance for the festival-goers to get closer to the bands they love so much and interact with them more.

Excited GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

21 Best Locations For The Perfect Instagram in Austin

There are a million and ten places in Austin to get the best Instagram backdrops ever. We can all pretend like it was accidental or that we are just naturally carefree and adventurous, but most of us have to seek out these prime locations that will really make everyone from our hometowns be like “I wish my school were in Austin”.

Though there are truly countless places on every single corner of this beautiful city that are unique and very Instagrammable, be sure to check out these few places and take the perfect picture to sum up your experience (or, like, did you even go to UT?).

Graffiti is something that really brings out the weirdness in “Keep Austin Weird”. So, we’ve come up with a few great spots with iconic graffiti and mural paintings (and cool locations) where you MUST take an Instagram:

1.) “I Love You So Much” Mural

Location: 1300 S Congress


This is a great spot for you to truly show your love and affection for your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, parents, siblings, your pet, or even by yourself if that’s what you’re into. Nothing says I love you so much like a mural that states exactly that right behind your head. There are also mock-ups of this mural pretty much everywhere that say things like “I love tacos so much” (absolutely no arguments there) and “I hate you so much”.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

2.) “You’re My Butter Half” Mural

Location: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

Austin Mural You’re My Butter Half: 2000 E MLK Jr Blvd

This mural was probably first painted so couples could be cute in front of it, kissing each other or doing whatever couples do, but it is also a great location for you and your best friend to show who the real MVP in your life is. Note: it is also a safe location for you to give a shout out to your newest freshman roommate if you haven’t yet shared them on social media with the world yet.

3.) “Greetings from Austin” Mural

Location: S 1st & Annie

Nothing really says “I live in the best city and love bragging about it” quite like a mural that solely says the name of the amazing city you reside in.

4.) “Texas” Mural

Location: 3700 Guadalupe

Along with the “Austin” mural, if you just have overall pride for your state and its entirety, take a nice stroll over to see the Texas mural that gives a shout out to all the people of the one and only Lone Star State.

5.) “Hi, How Are You?” Mural

Location: 21st & Guadalupe

Austin, Nov 8, 2014

Simple and effective, this mural shows the true friendliness of the city of Austin and its people. It also shows how strange the people of Austin are by having a huge mural of a talking alien frog, but who are we to judge? Thank you, Daniel Johnston. It’s so cool, Kurt Cobain wore it as a t-shirt.