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21 Best Locations For The Perfect Instagram in Austin

6.) Austin Railroad Graffiti Bridge

Location: Lady Bird Lake, Austin

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I think that everyone who had a GameBoy growing up or ever went to an arcade can truly appreciate the value of having Pac Men being spray painted on the side of a bridge. It’s a little reminder that, even if you’re simply using the Austin railroad, you cannot escape the iconic graffiti of the city.

7.) Graffiti Park

Location: Baylor Street

Though there is graffiti on every single corner of this city, a great place to take pictures and hang out is a location that is specifically there for people to graffiti. With every inch of the park covered in spray paint, you will be surprised at what you can find on the walls of this ever-changing backdrop.

Along with murals around the city, there are also beautiful monuments and buildings that are most likely going to be the first things anyone sees when they Google “Austin, Texas”. So you might as well hop on the bandwagon of clichés and send these appropriate and historical pictures to your family members, reassuring them that you’re really immersing yourself into the culture of the city.

8.) The Capitol Building

Location: 1100 Congress Avenue

Nothing really shows the importance of Austin as a city like the Capitol Building. Not only is it beautiful and an amazing spot for an Instagram, it is also a great place to visit if you want to learn more about the state as a whole.

9.) The University of Texas Tower

Location: 2247 Guadalupe Street

File:UT Tower (1).jpg

The most iconic structure for the University of Texas is the tower—this is something none of us can deny. When we as a university succeed, it lights up orange for us. When we as a university start to have mental breakdowns because of finals, it is our point of guidance and understanding. When we as a university want to show our school spirit, we throw up the horns in front of it and take an unbelievable Instagram. If you want to get even fancier and more elaborate on emphasizing the beauty of our university, take the picture in front of the Littlefield fountain that just so happens to have its own backdrop of our beautiful and epic tower.

10.) DKR Stadium

Location: 405 E 23rd Street

Texas Memorial Stadium - Photo by Randall Chancellor (flickr)

Who are we as Longhorns if we don’t constantly show our love and school spirit for the best sport that was ever invented? DKR Stadium holds over 100,000 people, lights up with energy and burnt orange during our Saturday home games. There is truly no place like it, and if you don’t get cute pictures in your game day outfit in the student section—did you even go to the game? Did you even go to UT?

Along with the elaborate historical aspects of Austin, it is also the perfect city to truly harness your inner outdoorsmen. We are lucky enough to have a city full of hippies and hipsters who love and appreciate nature, and we are even luckier to have beautiful natural oases that just so happen to be the prime locations for some of the best Instagrams in the game.

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