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21 Best Locations For The Perfect Instagram in Austin

16.) Rainey Street

Location: Rainey Street

Night lights at Lustre Pearl

If 6th street really isn’t your style and you’re into the more hipster lifestyle, have no fear because Rainey Street is here. Renovated old houses now create a strip of bars and restaurants that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Tip: if you want to send your parents or grandparents pictures of how you actually do have a social life in college, but don’t want to take the blatant risk of sending them a picture of you on 6th street with a bunch of people passed out or getting arrested in the background, Rainey Street is your best bet for fun and appropriate photos.

17.) Food trucks

Location: Varied LocationsWest Campus Food Trailers

Austin is notorious for its food trucks, which is a simple way to break a college student’s heart as it has the ability to drive away whenever it just so pleases. However, multiple food trucks that are all parked together not only create variety for those people unsure of what they are in the mood to eat, but they also set up an amazing set for your perfect Instagram. Typically decorated with hanging lights and ornamental benches, it is the ultimate place for you to pop and squat and snap a picture of whatever delicious meal you decided to get.

18.) Austin Pets Alive

Location: 1156 W Cesar Chavez Street


Absolutely nothing beats having the most adorable puppy in your Instagram. Not only is it always a crowd pleaser, it is the universal way to show off your compassionate side. And who knows, maybe if you get enough likes on your Instagram you may just have to adopt an adorable animal for yourself to guarantee an incline in likes for the rest of your college experience. Everyone loves someone with a dog, it is just a fact.

19.) Austin’s Cathedral of Junk

Location: 4422 Lareina Drive

As if Austin couldn’t make itself any weirder, it really outdid itself with the Cathedral of Junk. What is a Cathedral of Junk, you may ask? Well, it is exactly what you think it is. A sky-high pile of trash. This isn’t just any trash, however, it is artistically placed trash and the place for an epic picture as you sit on your throne of leftover metal scraps.

20.) Matthew McConaughey’s Composite

Location: 2801 San Jacinto Boulevard

It is no secret that Matthew McConaughey is the best thing to happen to planet Earth since sliced bread. We, as University of Texas students, are lucky enough to grace the same campus that he did when he was going through college. Back in his days of keg parties and red solo cups, Matthew was a fraternity brother to Delta Tau Delta and for proof of this: his composites are still in the house. If you are lucky enough to find out where the composite is hidden in the house, you can snap the ultimate picture of the drop dead gorgeous, pre-famous Matthew. And if you’re really, really lucky, you might get the chance to see the real Matthew in the flesh as he is known to occasionally visit his former home.

21.) Don’t Mess With Texas Mural

Location: 6th and I-35


This one is awesome because in Kanye’s words: “It’s dope and does dope-ass shit.”

Now that you have the list of places you need to go to get the best, most admirable Instagram, you are only wasting time. Go get those pictures.

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