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21 Best Locations For The Perfect Instagram in Austin

11.) Lady Bird Lake

Location: Lady Bird Lake, Austin

A great place to show that you are not only sporty and love nature but you’re also cute and fun is to paddleboard yourself across Lady Bird Lake. As long as you remember to wear your cutest bathing suit and bring a plastic bag for your phone while you and your best friend paddle out, you are setting yourself up for a fan favorite in the Instagram realm.

12.) Mount Bonnell

Location: 3800 Mt Bonnell Road

If you don’t mind getting a little physical activity (and I mean only a little, since there are stairs leading to the top), then you should get yourself to Mount Bonnell. Overlooking Lake Travis, Mount Bonnell is a great place to have a picnic, go on a hike, or just look at all the mansions lining the lake that you hope to someday own for yourself. Since there are always people up the mountain, you won’t have trouble finding someone to take the perfect snap shot of you and your friend once you’ve reached the top.

13.) Zilker Park

Location: 2100 Barton Springs Road


Home of Austin City Limits, the Kite Festival, some of the cutest pets alive, and more, Zilker Park is a great place to snap cute pictures of you and your friends. There is always something going on at the park, so you will not find yourself with any lack of inspiration for the perfect picture. Plus, you can see the beautiful Austin skyline perfectly from the park, and nothing really helps you appreciate what an amazing city Austin is like the silhouette of the buildings that may hold your future place of employment.

14.) Barton Springs

Location: 2201 Barton Springs, Road

It is no secret that Texas is one of the hottest places in the United States (literally and figuratively). With constant heat reaching until the end of November, there is no better way to cool yourself off than to get yourself and your friends to Barton Springs. The picturesque water (despite how clean or not it may be) is the perfect spot to show off your new bathing suit and the love for your best friend while you demand she take the cutest candid photos of you that she can.

Of course, Austin wouldn’t be anything without the weird and unique locations that truly make it stand out from any other city. We like to keep Austin weird, and it wouldn’t be the same to have it any other way.

15.) Dirty 6th street

Location: E 6th Street

Dirty Sixth Street

We all know what goes down on 6th street and though some of us like to stay away from some of our memories down there, we can at least agree that it is truly a place on Earth unlike any other. A haven to some. A paradise to others. A place of regretful decisions and late night Roppollo purchases for most. And for anyone who does not attend the University of Texas, it is surely a point of insane jealousy. Even if it’s blurry (which we all know it should be if you are doing 6th street right), take as many pictures on 6th street as you can. Sometimes, it’s the only way to remember what exactly happened the night before. Tip: Don’t Instagram your 6th street pictures until the morning when you can coherently choose the proper filter.

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