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The Top 20 Most Famous People Who Went To The University of Texas at Austin

Anyone who attends The University of Texas knows of the immense power one possesses once they realize they bleed burnt orange. We've put together the Top 20 Most Famous People who went to our beloved alma mater, and let's just say, we've got some pretty bad ass people who roamed the dorms, classrooms, and the streets of Austin. From some famous Mad Men to a few Wedding Crashers and slackers, there's a bit of something for everyone. Alright? Alright, alright, alright! Here we go!

17.) Earl Campbell

1977 Heisman Trophy winner, 3x NFL rushing champ, and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Earl Campbell is a legend. All you have to do is watch the highlights below to see how this “one-man demolition team” knocked everything to the ground. Also, who the hell wouldn’t want to buy some Earl Campbell Smoked Sausage? Hook ’em!

16.) Tom Landry

The original “Mad Man” and most likely the inspiration for Don Draper’s style, Tom Landry coached “America’s Team” in its hey day. While at UT, he played fullback and defensive back…this after serving in the military during WWII and surviving a crash landing in Belgium. And you thought you were a badass.

Tom Landry

15.) Neil deGrasse Tyson

The famous astrophysicist who graduated with an M.A. in 1983 actually had a rocky road when he came to Texas, due to a variety of factors that you can read here. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean he can’t be an inspiration to Longhorns in a slightly more modern Texas. He’s like the newer, more awesome version of Bill Nye. And yes, he’s the man behind this meme.
Neil Degresse Tyson Badass

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