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The Top 20 Most Famous People Who Went To The University of Texas at Austin

Anyone who attends The University of Texas knows of the immense power one possesses once they realize they bleed burnt orange. We've put together the Top 20 Most Famous People who went to our beloved alma mater, and let's just say, we've got some pretty bad ass people who roamed the dorms, classrooms, and the streets of Austin. From some famous Mad Men to a few Wedding Crashers and slackers, there's a bit of something for everyone. Alright? Alright, alright, alright! Here we go!

12.) The Bushes

There’s a former First Lady, a former First Daughter, and a former Governor of Florida from the Bush family who bleed burnt orange. Laura Bush graduated in 1973, while her daughter Jenna Bush Hager, who’s now a Today Show correspondent, graduated in 2000. Although not as purdy, Jeb Bush (the Bush people kinda like better), also graduated from the University in 1974.


11.) Lady Bird Johnson

Another former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson went to the University of Texas and graduated in 1933. UT was where her husband, former President Lyndon B. Johnson, used to chase her…he was most likely one of the first students from Southwest Texas State to start the trend of thinkin’ they were a Longhorn (because we all have that friend from Texas State who thinks they’re one). You can blame her for those annoying spring pictures everyone takes along the highway in the fields of bluebonnets.


10.) Wes Anderson

Academy-nominated screenwriter and film director Wes Anderson is a common name you hear coming out of Hollywood. And it ain’t no surprise, as he’s directed films such as Rushmore, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the Royal Tenenbaums. While at UT, he met another famous Wedding Crasher you’ll read about later. The two went on to collaborate on a few projects and the rest is history.


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